Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

If you were in the UK in 2012 then you must remember the Olympic Games, the fun and razzle-dazzle all rolled into this amazing show throughout the summer. Excited fans, tourists coming from all over the world and great athletes gathered into one place. Back then social media and social networks were the main engine for keeping people connected.

As the years go by we are now approaching the Olympic Games 2016 hosted in Rio, the beautiful and colourful Brazilian city. Technology is constantly evolving and if London Olympics 2012 were all about sharing on Facebook, tweeting and WhatsApp-ing your friends, Rio Games plans on taking this show to the next level. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the latest buzzwords in today’s tech arena, shall we expect to see any flying drones or VR goggles in Rio? TechRadar just announced that we can catch the action in Rio on second screens galore, but TV tech will evolve into VR, 8K and more for Tokyo 2020.

Whether you’ve just heading to Rio this summer or you’ve decided to watch the games from home with a pint of beer and your friends coming over, these Apps will keep you wired to what’s happening in Rio at the moment. To make sure you make the most of your experience at Rio this year, we’ve been exploring the best apps out there and putting together this Top 5 Essential Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016.

1. The Olympics

This is a no-brainer, the Olympics is the official app for the Rio Olympics and is the best application to view all the information regarding the games. It gives you comprehensive coverage of any sports. Never worry again about missing out on latest news or have difficulty finding a post or a tweet. You can stay up to date with the games schedule, track different teams and receive highlights of past events and during the games, you get highlights of the 2016 Olympics.


Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

If you want more information about other, non-Olympic sports that are having major play-offs during the same period BBC Sports App will complement the Olympics just fine. Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

2. Brazil Travel Guide

Forget about the games for a second. You’re in Rio de Janeiro, in the midst of an impressive culture with great cuisine and eye-catching attractions. If I were you, I would be on cloud nine by now! I am sure you would like to indulge in the sights and sounds Brazilians have to offer, so Brazil Travel Guide could help you planning such an escapade. This application is a gem, just about the same size as the best mini-pocket travel guide you have ever had. But this one covers it all and stays up to date – from insights to cultural places and local food to guiding you to the best party in town.

Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

3. AirBnB

Airbnb is the official “alternative accommodations” for 2016 Olympics – this title circulated in newspapers for a few weeks during last winter. When the city won the Olympic bid in 2009, it has around half of the 40,000 beds required for the games. The exorbitant price of accommodation in Rio could slash the number of people attending the event.

Airbnb saw a great opportunity in this sporting event to build more trust with their hosts and guests and get them to use their service. They promise to show everybody what traditional, authentic Brazilian hospitality looks like. You’re not just renting a double room, you can book a medieval castle or a bungalow at a smaller price than you could pay for a Hilton Hotel.

Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

4. RIOgaleão App 

In preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão International Airport deploys beacons and its RIOgaleão app. If it’s the first time for you in Rio, this App could become pretty handy. You can pull up the map in the airport app and search for a destination, such as your Airbnb accommodation, and RIOgaleão will show you the best path to take to get there and list out directions.

You can never know when you’re running short on internet data and you cannot always rely of WiFi, so better use this App and get there on time. You will maximise all your chances to reserve a seat in the front row.

Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

5. ConnectiD

Connect with your favourite athletes and new people you meet on your trip, stay in contact always and never lose your contacts again

The Olympics is all about connecting people and cultures, connecting athletes with their greatest fans and bringing everyone together to support their favourite sports. If you understand the spirit of the Rio Olympics, then you will definitely see the potential in ConnectiD. With all of the social networks, multiple devices and changing locations we have today, it takes too long to share or manage a full set of contact details even with a smartphone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a visitor, a sports star, or a journalist, ConnectiD is designed for you to exchange a full set of details quickly (even by Airdrop on iPhone if you want to look really cool). Our patented technology ensures contact details will always stay up to date and duplicate free. Simply by joining the service, you get access to the most powerful cross platform address book and contacts manager app. It’s a no-brainer for the Olympics when you’ll be meeting new people every hour.

For budding Olympians, ConnectiD could be your exclusive secure app that lets you connect with each other during the Rio de Janeiro games. If you like to connect with your fellow athletes on social media and follow their feeds, then ConnectiD is the app for you. It becomes your unique social hub where you can reach out to your contacts, fans and family via their social networks – including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, you name it!

Stay in contact with your friends and family automatically by enabling them to update their contact details in your phone. Don’t forget to share your timezone and check theirs too to make sure you reach them at the right time.

Next time you’re going to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, pull up ConnectiD check what fans are there and share some great memories from Rio.

      Top 5 Essentials Apps You Need for Rio Olympics 2016

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