Monte Pittman Madonna’s guitarist is using ConnectiD

Monte Pittman Madonna’s guitarist is using ConnectiD

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour came to an end on 20th March in Sydney, Australia, we hope you all enjoyed it! We definitely did, knowing that Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist, chose to get ConnectiD during the tour.


During the Rebel Heart Tour, Monte decided to stay close to his friends and family back home and allow them to see his time zone whilst on the road. Monte now uses ConnectiD when he meets new people as the quickest way to share his choice of contact details instantly and as a tool to ensure his address book always stays up to date without lifting a finger or guitar pick. Moving forward Monte plans to use ConnectiD Teams as a tool for managing his new online guitar lesson business.



Monte said “The sheer number of people I meet every time I travel makes manually keying their information into my smartphone really tedious…with ConnectiD I have a backed up version of my contacts if I lose my phone that always stay up to date and I can easily add the number/address for my latest hotel to my profile so I can be reached easily”


Curious to find out what ConnectiD has to offer? Monte enjoys the following features the most:


1. Backed up contacts if you lose your phone on the road

Losing your phone is horrible, but updating every single contact and friend with your new phone number is even nastier! It takes about 60 seconds to get back on track and recover your entire world of contacts with ConnectiD simply by logging in from your new device. And if you have a new phone number, one change to your profile and all of your contacts on the service will be updated in an instant.


2. Time zone awareness as you navigate the globe

Indeed, if you are willing to share your time zone it even tells you which time zone your friends are, which makes it a pretty nifty tool for people who travel a lot. You can ensure you call the family back home during the right hours. Not to mention all your friends who get confused about when to contact you. With ConnectiD you don’t even need to let them know you’ve gone overseas as they can see that on your contact card before they call.


3. Share details quickly with anyone new that you meet and keep those you already know up to date in real time


If you travel and meet new people all the time, there is no need to carry a stack of business cards as you can share your details with ConnectiD easily without the recipient needing the app. Business cards are quick to exchange, but put simply they don’t stay up to date, so after carrying those we receive round for a while most of us just throw them away. ConnectiD is the fastest way to exchange a complete set of details and in return you get accurate and real-time contact information from everyone you get ConnectiD with.


4. ConnectiD Teams for up to date contact info and notifications to a group or team of people you know


Whether you need to communicate with your online guitar class like Monte, a whole team, a group, or a specific person, you can send notifications quickly through the ConnectiD Teams dashboard. Instantly delivered, they’re perfect for distributed people, group work, and time-sensitive messages. The App keeps track of who you’ve invited, who has signed up, and who has read your notifications, so you have complete visibility of what’s going on.


Monte Pittman Madonna's guitarist is using ConnectiD


ConnectiD is perfect for individuals, artists, production staff, movie makers, consultancies, those who pop up teams for a short period, who run small businesses and even those who manage larger permanent teams where making sure that everyone has an up to date set of contact details is key and wherever communications need to be sent and received direct to their mobiles in real time. Pretty much all of us then.


If you don’t have the time to keep updating other people’s details in your address book or indeed in your business database then let them do it for you via ConnectiD instead. If you’re not sure if ConnectiD is right for you then and we’ll happily help find a solution that works for you – in the meantime, join Monte and try it for yourself today for free.


Monte Pittman Madonna's guitarist is using ConnectiD


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