Graduation isn’t goodbye ConnectiD helps you stay in touch with your contacts

Graduation isn’t goodbye ConnectiD helps you stay in touch with your contacts

At this time of the year most students are looking to hire their gowns, receive their certificates and call themselves “graduates”. Perhaps you’ve just returned from your graduation ceremony as we speak and you’re looking to go on holidays. Before you leave and say goodbye to your fellow students, stop for a second and think – “What’s Next?” Graduation isn’t goodbye ConnectiD helps you stay in touch with your contacts

Regardless of your future career prospects, you still want to stay in touch with your friends you’ve spent three years of your life with working on assignments, complaining about grades, getting feedback and meeting crazy deadlines.

Better still, you need these friends in future not just to share a pint of beer, but also asking them for an introduction potentially that could fast-track you to a job interview. You’re confident about your skills and rich knowledge, but sometimes you just need some good connections to help you get your dream job.

Let’s portray a typical London student – you’re an international student yourself or home student who joins University and meets people from all around the world throughout these years. By the time you finish your degree you’ve been going through 20+ international cuisines, learned a few words in Spanish, Chinese, Italian or French, but never thought of what’s coming next after graduation. Do you find yourself in this position? 

Your friends will change countries, perhaps phone numbers, they will definitely change jobs and before you reach out to them to stay connected on Facebook or Twitter, they’re gone.

If you’ve been studying in a big city like London then you will definitely understand the value of an App like ConnectiD Contacts.

ConnectiD looks for everyone you have in your native contacts who is on the service and automatically connects you to them if they use ConnectiD too. Better still, if any of your friends change a single field (phone number, email address etc) that you currently hold you will automatically receive the updated information in real time.

Graduation isn't goodbye - ConnectiD helps you stay in touch with your contacts

You can exchange details faster and easier than ever before. And given you will be meeting lots more people now as you enter the business world an app like ConnectiD, a smarter contacts book, sets you up well in todays digital world as you’ll always be organized and be able to quickly exchange details in an instant. Can you afford to waste 5-10 minutes keying in names and numbers everytime you meet someone? What about misspelled names or wrong numbers, which are so easy to do? Why not let them manage their own contact details in your phone with ConnectiD.

ConnectiD has timezone awareness so you can avoid unwanted calls in the middle of the night and make sure you don’t wake up your international friends who have returned back home.

Imagine never having to update your address book again because all of your friends do it for you. It is lovely to skim through a student booklet after years trying to remember all those young and smiley faces and bring back all the good memories. We believe you should go beyond a dog-eared leaflet and have the chance to share all those special moments with the people you hold most dear.

Get ConnectiD and never miss out on future reunions, be the first to introduce ConnectiD to your friends to remain close after graduation. Join the fastest growing network that keeps your contact details always up-to-date.

Graduation isn't goodbye - ConnectiD helps you stay in touch with your contacts

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