From Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival

From Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival


In Scotland, the month of August isFrom Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival dedicated to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. This incredible collection of great shows and events takes place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city. Established in 1947, Fringe Festival has become a philosophy, a movement for everybody who loves art and knows to appreciate culture. Most of us have attended Fringe at least once as the festival can please everyone regardless their taste in music, movies or theatre. You get to choose from an eclectic mix of theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus, cabaret, children’s shows, musicals, opera, music, exhibitions, you name it! The infographic on the right shows some interesting facts about Fringe, take a look.

As Fringe Festival is on everybody’s lips at the moment, it’s not hard to get their latest updates or to check the agenda. The upcoming two weeks will be full of events, so you still have time to pack your bags and get a flavour of Fringe until the end of August. If you were in Edinburgh last week you also must have heard about Turing Festival and their sharp-witted key speakers in digital technology. This event has a lot of potential, Fringe you should look to your laurels!

Edinburgh’s Tech Festival is one of the most fun and captivating event in the world and definitely on our short list of ‘do-not-miss’. This year they marked the beginning of a new fringe event at Turing 2016 called Turing Founders. This was a private event that brought together Scotland’s top startup founders and CEOs with some of the UK’s leading early-stage VCs. Everybody who attended was granted permission to join this select group for free on the evening of Thursday 18 August.



From Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival

This is how innovation penetrates a business. The event provided a space to openly discuss opportunities and challenges across organisations. The founders wanted to create a relaxed, informal environment for entrepreneurs building the next generation of high-growth tech businesses in Scotland to connect with investors who are actively looking for those opportunities.

We did say this will be a rich-talent conference, didn’t we? Some of the key attendees we definitely kept an ear out for their speeches are Lucie Mclean, Head of Product — Children’s, BBC, Graham Paterson, Product Manager at Deliveroo speaking about building a truly global product and

Emily Webber, an agile guru for Tacit introducing the topic of “Embracing Change or Bracing for Change: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Product Teams”

It will be interesting to hear more from Lucie Mclean about BBC Labs, where they work with select startups to get them on trials within a short timeframe.

From Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival

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From Edinburgh Festival Fringe to Turing Festival

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