ConnectiD for Business

ConnectiD for Business is suitable for both small and large organisations, educational establishments such as universities and colleges as well as alumni, members clubs and professional associations.


Educational Institutions

Educational establishments such as universities and colleges can benefit from enabling students and staff to connect and collaborate across campus and use ConnectiD for business to trigger relevant notifications about outstanding fees, late library books or to enable professors to highlight good reading materials. You can let campus know when the next football match is so they can come out to support or give urgent Amber Alerts immediately direct to everyones mobile device.

Key features

  • Names and faces rather than courses and roll numbers bring people to life
  • Enable students to keep their details up to date in your student records database
  • Send Amber Alerts immediately to ALL mobile devices and reach all necessary people on campus at once
  • Modern broadcast communications channel with real time latest news direct to student and staff personal mobiles
ConnectiD for Business

Small or Large Enterprises

If you are a small or large organisation and have a customer relationship management system or human resources database, ConnectiD for business can help you keep it up to date with the latest contact details provided by your customers or staff with their permission. If you don’t have a database then start by gathering your data via ConnectiD and eliminate data accuracy issues right from the start.

Key features

  • Shared address book for teams within your business 
  • Awareness of your employees current timezone
  • Send notifications to some or all of your business departments
  • Enable them to keep their details up to date in your HR database

Professional Associations and Members Clubs

Professional associations who want a private solution to connecting members can use ConnectiD for Business to maintain an accurate record of contact details, current location and jobs etc. Facilitate the community to connect and work together on initiatives and committees by creating groups. 

Key features 

  • Create a private network to share contact details within the association or club
  • A modern real time up to date app rather than a printed members directory
  • Enable committees and project groups to connect and collaborate easier
  • Provide organisational updates to some or all members of the association

Alumni Networks

ConnectiD for Business is at its best connecting people who may already know each other but just don’t have their latest details so is awesome for Alumni networking where up-to-date details are paramount and where building a community is key to its long-term success.

Key features 

  • Connect at college and stay connected with alumni in the years that follow.
  • Update changes in your details to those in your network in real-time.
  • Tool for events planning and management and a managed Alumni news and communication channel
  • Always have latest details for the annual funding call

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