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ConnectiD is launching Super-preneur of the month

In today’s digital world, computers, smartphones, virtual reality and cloud-based technologies have changed the business landscape tremendously. Regardless of the industry you’re in, people are known to hide behind big desks and choose to communicate via emails, online chats [...]

ConnectiD is pitching for the win at the Innov8 Award

After three “wolfie” days full of speed meetings, workshops and networking events at Wolves Summit, we’re excited to announce that ConnectiD is pitching to win at the Innov8 Award @BR2016. We’re heading to Manchester this April 21-22 to pitch in the 100 […]


Monte Pittman Madonna’s guitarist is using ConnectiD

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour came to an end on 20th March in Sydney, Australia, we hope you all enjoyed it! We definitely did, knowing that Monte Pittman, Madonna’s guitarist, chose to get ConnectiD during the tour. [...]
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ConnectiD Contacts join Wolves Summit

ConnectiD Contacts join Wolves Summit along with the most promising startups, investors and mentors from around the world. During a three-day conference organised in the heart of Warsaw we will be engaging in exclusive networking, pitching, […]