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Moving House Checklist I Move Home Easier with ConnectiD

Moving home opens the door to a new beginning, regardless of the path you’re taking. Perhaps, you’ve decided to continue your studies in another city or go abroad for a while; It could be that […]


Reconnect old relationships on Easter 2016

Easter is just around the corner or shall we say corners?! No, we don’t believe the Earth is flat, nor are we conspiring against science, but the entire Christian world is setting up the scene for this important festival in every corner […]

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Top 8 Apps Students Should not Live Without

Are you ready for your finals yet? “Yes” said no student ever without having his doubts. The exam period is just around the corner, but you’re still holding back on skimming through those hefty books. The […]


TOP 10 Best Apps You Must Get Before Going To SXSW 2016

In today’s digitalised world if you “snooze, you lose”. You don’t want to let this happen especially when you’re just few days away from SXSW 2016. Hosted in Austin, Texas this event offers the unique [...]

A Day with Allison Wightman, Co-founder of ConnectiD and Mum

Deciding to start your own business whilst raising a family is not a piece of cake. Being a mum is in itself is a full-time job which keeps you alert day and night. Your company […]